Why we still romanticize artists who behaved terribly: https://t.co/LAGm83TC7C

A carefree moment is captured in this slice of life scene, showcasing two friends grabbing a bite on a Friday evening.

“TAIWAN OfficeLady - Friday night” by nnnnoooo007: https://t.co/m7MmvbJ42C
#Selfie #DigitalArt #SliceOfLife

The 10 best booths at Frieze Los Angeles: https://t.co/QccddnBxMz

Cthulhu demands total devotion. Roll 1d20.

“Cthulhu altar” by Olivier-Villoingt: https://t.co/2oRs3bHEI7
#D20 #DungeonsAndDragons #Cthulhu

Landmark Kerry James Marshall painting gifted to LACMA: https://t.co/jtxJJoRldC

How Seasonal Affective Disorder impacts artists’ productivity: https://t.co/pdgU9WojJO

The rise and fall of the queen of the New York art world: https://t.co/1OLtqQwYE9

7,800 objects belonging to group that furnishes Versailles and the Élysée Palace missing: https://t.co/vZKDCzP8rn

To pull from a third franchise, “Sometimes dead is better…”

“Resident Evil 2 with Zootopia Parody” by @cicakkia: https://t.co/7Dt8WT0NaH
#Zootopia #ResidentEvil2 #RE2

Prolific French art thief busted—again: https://t.co/gfT9nU5glN

$35 million Rothko to be sold from SFMOMA’s collection: https://t.co/PANYkLGEeC

Lavender and lilac hues add a sense of regality to this epic fantasy landscape.

“The Wiz” by TacoSauceNinja: https://t.co/GyKipLSQMW
#FantasyArt #Wizard #DigitalArt

Nari Ward’s salvaged worlds: the artist reflects on the objects and memories that made him (via @vulture): https://t.co/PEwftlTsV6

21 of the most beautiful objects and designs in the world: https://t.co/fQ4SK4rPGv

The morning routines of famous artists, from Andy Warhol to Louise Bourgeois: https://t.co/HlIC2nN78U

Jagged fangs line an intimidating maw on this monochromatic demon.

“Demon” by Manzanedo: https://t.co/An7i4Qf17R
#Demon #ConceptArt #DigitalArt

Lessons in seduction from Rococo France: https://t.co/MKoYM6NaR2

Happy Valentine’s Day from all of us at DeviantArt!

“VESUVIUS - THE IMAGINARIUM UNDERWATER” by BethMitchell: https://t.co/DJXd6Z97xd
#ValentinesDay #UnderwaterPhotography #Surreal

The 7 most awe-inspiring installations from Desert X: https://t.co/tZfExkAjWv

A century of photographs capture the passion and joy of kissing: https://t.co/Fmx1FUvwdl

A subdued floral pattern allows the metallic jewelry to practically shine in this beautiful portrait.

“Where The Sun Sets” by JJwinters: https://t.co/APZTvZh8ee
#DigitalArt #Portrait #ArtOfMervin

Banksy “Love Plane” mural re-emerges after disappearing mysteriously: https://t.co/wQwAwMWoXm

National Endowment for the Arts gives out $27 million in grants: https://t.co/sOojmUyuBI

Prada taps Theaster Gates and Ava DuVernay to chair diversity council: https://t.co/Z5D6QjuYMM

A wing can be quite a confusing thing, so check out this amazing #Tutorial from Twarda8!

“Wing basics” by @Twarda8: https://t.co/u4C9iseZIh
#ArtTips #ArtTutorials #Tutorial

How Alphonse Mucha’s iconic posters came to define Art Nouveau: https://t.co/f84iCUPzs5

The Kenyan photojournalist whose work was lost for 40 years: https://t.co/KDZcpFONTR

Mmmmmm. Orange is nostalgia-flavored!

“Memories” by MattDixon: https://t.co/lhmHz6ZwFf
#DigitalArt #ConceptArt #Memories

The photograph that launched Edward Steichen’s career: https://t.co/sp80OEs4ja

Why highly creative people often work in pairs: https://t.co/mCVjwEW9IF

A small, hidden light source centers this #speedpaint, highlighting the focus of the young inventor.

“Child-Inventor” by Hideyoshi: https://t.co/5qnjCU7kMv
#DigitalArt #Creation #Inventor

113 museums turned their artworks into free coloring books: https://t.co/qXZ5bXyzja

Tate Modern prevails in privacy lawsuit brought by residents of glassy flats next-door: https://t.co/DElTZJNNqv

Art Basel in Basel reveals 290 exhibitors for 2019 edition: https://t.co/tjtxZLwA4g

Kara Walker’s powerful work upends how we see race in America: https://t.co/wWLQUHjrdF

Breathtaking portraits such as this blend the line between painting and photography, requesting the viewer decide whether capture or creation.

“PAIN-TED ANN” by simsalabima: https://t.co/SBh5gQsjKy
#FashionPhotography #Portrait #Surreal

Golden light pushes through the crack between earth and cloud, shining off the wings of birds flying through the canyon.

“End of the Day” by Nele-Diel: https://t.co/QwX0jie8Z6
#Landscape #DigitalArt #Scenery #Dusk #Dawn

Why this art dealer is showing “100% women” for the next year: https://t.co/euhLHYKq39

Artist Andres Serrano bought Donald Trump’s wedding cake: https://t.co/MT3vy9jFhA

The four social classes of the art world: https://t.co/OBCH4BMEWy

Inside the “Phallus Palace,” Charles Leslie’s trove of queer art: https://t.co/E2zok92pIr

Painted digitally in a chaotic and colorful style, this young witch makes quite the impression.

“Sailor witch” by Ururuty: https://t.co/nXipmzZhpr
#Witch #DigitalArt #Impressionist

Nan Goldin’s activist group protest at the Guggenheim and Met (via @Dazed): https://t.co/WuUTtpMe3P

This conceptual artist is staging two must-see shows in NYC: https://t.co/j2RPJAc1KY

“They mostly come at night...mostly.”

“Aliens Attack” by @xiaobaosg: https://t.co/KNDyBQ5PoP
#Aliens #Ukiyo #EllenRipley

The artist accused of plotting to kill Hitler: https://t.co/FmABR7pEBA

8 famous artists who turned heartbreak into art: https://t.co/GRnHajYkwM

Louvre Abu Dhabi acquires $12 million Rembrandt painting: https://t.co/V0fWus4aAX

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