How 19th-century artists envisioned the apocalypse:

Delicate, lace-winged birds fly above the flooded library, granting even more of a sense of magic to the already fantastical scene.

“Experimental environment art” by Shikaama:
#Library #Fantasy #DigitalArt

How to strengthen queer visibility in the art world (via @Dazed):

Join BFAMI in supporting educational programmes for underprivileged youth in their live benefit auction, starting next Tuesday:

Sometimes captioning artwork as stunning as this can be challenging, so we want to hear how YOU would caption it!

“Ash rain” by @Ellysiumn:
#DigitalArt #Cityscape #Reflections

The dark side of Surrealism that exploited women’s “hysteria”:

This iconic artwork is an apartment filled with 140 tons of dirt:

Join BFAMI in supporting educational programmes for underprivileged youth in their latest benefit auction, now on Artsy:

"Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that." —Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

"MLK" by carts:
#MLKDay #MLKJr #MLK2019

Pittsburgh report: five places for healing through art (via @nytimes):

A focus on lighting makes this card art incredibly striking, from the divine background to the glowing #mandala.

“Hand of the Gods: Tribute of Stone” by @LeaFaske:
#CardArt #DigitalArt #HandoftheGods

40 years later, Jenny Holzer’s DIY posters still provoke:

This museum is an endearing love letter to man’s best friend:

6 works that explain Yayoi Kusama’s rise to art world stardom:

El Greco’s moody and expressive painting style was too modern for his time:

Eight ‘invisible’ artworks you should see for yourself (via @Dazed):

Two old gods battle it out at the foot of the mountain; fighting to claim the allegiance and soul of the young hunter below.

“Old Gods” by mattforsyth:
#DigitalArt #Nature #OldGods

Why Mapplethorpe’s photographs remain subversive, even without the shock value:

Taking inspiration from events nearly five centuries ago, this scene from a modern AU has us tearing up.

“she was leaving…” by nami64:
#DigitalArt #Heartbreaking #Emotional

Unraveling the mysteries behind Caspar David Friedrich’s “Wanderer”:

Why contemporary women artists are obsessed with the grotesque:

The famed Jewish art dealer who fought to retrieve 400 stolen works from the Nazis:

Eerie tendrils and vines wrap around the character, making them one with the nature surrounding them.

“Over the garden wall” by AnatoFinnstark:
@AFinnstark #DigitalArt #OtGW

Check out what @LAArtShow has to offer this year before the fair opens this Wednesday:

Reminiscent of layered backgrounds found in theatre, this fractal art’s wave shapes and aquatic atmosphere is incredibly soothing.

“Waveforms” by hypex2772:
#FractalArt #DigitalArt #Waveforms

See the buzziest and most beautiful museums opening in 2019:

How blind contour drawing can help you become a better artist:

The Italian art supply shop that keeps Renaissance painting techniques alive:

Decoding the symbolism in Hans Holbein’s “Ambassadors”:

Louise Bourgeois on finding inspiration in solitude:

What it takes for female artists to overcome mid-career stagnation:

“Why do men and women like to advertise themselves so much?” This mixed-media artwork explores the ego and arrogance of humans.

“The Egoist” by RevolverWinds:
#Collage #TraditionalArt #Ego

The painstaking detail Rodney Graham puts into each of his self-portraits:

These photographers captured the renegade spirit of skate culture:

Just in time for the #SuperWolfBloodMoon, this gorgeous artwork features the celestial body casting a haunting yet warm glow across the grassy hills.

“Red Moon Ruins” by CrimsonSword03:
#Moon #DigitalArt #Ruins

Funding secured for restoration of heritage sites in Iraq and Mali:

Dana Schutz stages bold return to form after Whitney Biennial controversy:

6 inspiring outsider artists you should know:

“Wish you luck but you're not bringing us down.”

“K/DA” by SillyJellie:
@LeagueOfLegends #KDA #Watercolors

Abstract painting or photograph? Make your guess, then check the link below to find out!

“Ice Gorge” by Pajunen:
#Icy #Waterfall #Nature

How the world’s biggest financial scandal ensnared the art world:

How to make a color wheel—and 3 other color exercises for beginner painters:

The rapid rise of young collectors will change how art is bought and sold:

This iconic artwork is an apartment filled with 140 tons of dirt:

Tackling 2019 like...

“The challenge” by Monanu:
#Dragon #MonaFinden #DigitalArt

MOCA L.A. to shutter design and architecture location:

Ghost in the Shell meets Fast and the Furious in this epic digital artwork.

“Shindekudasai.” by Rashedjrs:
@FastFurious #GhostInTheShell #ScienceFiction

Long Island City development pierces iconic James Turrell work:

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