Acrylic, pencil, and craft work harmoniously to construct the Shanghai skyline.

Check out “Contrasts Of Shanghai.” by KlementinaMoonlight:
#TraditionalArt #Shanghai #Skyline

Individual constellations may form warriors, scorpions, and more, but put them all together and another picture emerges...

Check out “.:Zine:. Celestial Lion” by not-unicorn:
#Leo #Lion

Romuald Hazoumè and El Anatsui are among the many artists we're looking forward to seeing at @AbuDhabiArt. Check out what the galleries are bringing this year (Nov 21–23):

Support @NYHomeless in their upcoming benefit auction by bidding on works like these ones 👇 by Nate Lowman, Ed Ruscha, and many more:

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