Add works by Pablo Picasso, Donald Sultan, Howard Hodgkin, and more to your collection in @HeritageAuction’s Prints & Multiples sale, starting tomorrow:

.@CMAinNYC celebrates their 30th year anniversary with a special live benefit auction — Browse and bid now before the auction closes tomorrow:

Contrasting color palettes and a crooked perspective help sell the divide between the world of monsters and the reality these brave kids protect!

“Young Souls” by xa-xa-xa:
#YoungSouls #DigitalArt #Colorful

Five U.S. museums acquire works by African American artists from the South:

Marvel co-creator Stan Lee dead at 95:

Going once, going twice – It’s your last chance to bid in @ForumAuctions: Urban Jungle III, closing tomorrow:

This insanely beautiful @Warcraft cosplay captures the Banshee Queen’s recent heel turn.

“Burn it.” by ormeli (photo: Sergey Aku Shetuhin):
#sylvanas #forthehorde #Cosplay

“I don’t think that ambition is different between men and women, I think opportunities are different between men and women.“
Hear how @MuseumModernArt’s curator Paola Antonelli has paved the way for women in the arts in our series with @UBSglobalart:

Impressionist masterpieces owned by Imelda Marcos sell at Christie’s for $4.3 million:

Browse works by Andy Warhol, Dan Flavin, Jules Olitski, and more in @PhillipsAuction: 20th Century & Contemporary Art Day Sale before live bidding begins tomorrow:

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With the #DetectivePikachu trailer just released, what do you think of these realistic takes on #Psyduck and #Golduck?

“Psyduck - Golduck” by RAPHTOR:
@Pokemon #Pokemon #DigitalArt

Barbara Kruger revisits a 40-year-old series that’s as relevant as ever:

The Pop art legacy of the Beatles’s White Album:

Bill Cosby sells prized painting and uses another as loan collateral:

How M.C. Escher transfixed the world with his mind-bending works:

From Robert Motherwell to Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec — Browse and bid in @JohnMoranInc’s Prints & Multiples sale, going live tomorrow:

A variety of textures make this portrait of @dragonage's #Morrigan aboslutely stunning.

“Morrigan" by Nikranel (@NikraDraws):
@theclaudiablack #FanArt #DigitalArt

Why this Edward Hopper painting could break the $100 million mark:

Three overlooked female photographers forced to flee Europe in the 1930s (via @AnOtherMagazine):

Creating a strong, warm light-source from the moth, the artist is able to paint the cat’s face with light, successfully melding together multiple images.

“Acquaintance” by @asabinart:
#Photobash #Cat #Magical

Going once, going twice – It’s your last chance to bid in @HerStories_2018’s benefit auction, closing tomorrow:

Why meditating might make you a better artist:

You may think you know Warhol—but his Whitney retrospective holds surprises:

This powerful (and evil) goddess is more than meets the eye, able to transform into a monstrous five-headed dragon.

“Takisis from Dragonlance” by @Stawicki_Art:
#DragonLance #Takisis #FantasyArt

The magic of Peter Halley’s paintings won’t show up on your iPhone:

Browse works by Marc Padeu, Ephrem Solomon, and more in @Piasa_Auction: Contemporary African Art before it goes live on Wednesday:

Rest in peace, @TheRealStanLee, who created worlds, inspired millions, and taught the world to live by his catchphrase, "Excelsior!"

"Stan Lee Portrait" by @BarenghiM:
#StanLee #MarvelComics #InMemoriam

The art of Kyūdō is beautifully captured here, with striking line work and a simple halftone pattern.

“Kyudo Girls” by @MitchMohrhauser:
#Archery #CharacterDesign #Kyudo

The centuries-old Japanese tradition of mending broken ceramics with gold:

.@AbuDhabiArt opens in two days! See what’s on view this year now on Artsy:

Did we miss the point of one of the world’s most famous sculptures

Paul Klee influenced a generation of American artists, from Pollock to Motherwell:

.@CUEArt celebrates their 15th anniversary with a special benefit auction — Browse and bid now before the auction closes on Wednesday:

Revisiting Diane Arbus’s final and most controversial series:

It is just out of the reach of the light that the unexplained run free.

“Racing” by Jortagul:
#Dark #Supernatural #DigitalArt

Catherine Opie’s new show is literally about burning down the establishment:

The photograph that made a martyr out of Muhammad Ali:

This gorgeous woolly rhino is digitally imagined, brought to life from the depths of the #IceAge with matted fur and a massive horn.

“Woolly rhino” by Dinomaniac:
#PaleoArt #WoollyRhino #DigitalArt

Browse works by Fernand Léger, Rafael Coronel, Jean Dubuffet, and more in @JohnMoranInc’s 20th Century Art + Design auction before it goes live on Tuesday:

Artists could soon be barred from sharing work on social media:

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This painting of Jesse Jackson as a white man provoked a sledgehammer attack:

Moonlight reflects in a prism of colors, framing the flowing gown of #PrincessSerenity.

“SAILOR MOON” by @Ponchiuxart:
#UsagiTsukino #SailorMoon #SailorMoonCrystal

Join @HerStories_2018 in their latest benefit auction, now on Artsy, to support UK-registered charities that provide vital, underfunded services for women:

The crazy visual illusions artists have used to deceive the eye:

The lead character from the last TV show you watched is your adventuring partner. How likely are you to defeat this terrifying beholder?

“The Beholder” by Bonekrishna:
#Beholder #DungeonsAndDragons #FantasyArt

Napping could make you a better artist:

AI will forever change how we create and find truth in images:

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